The Dan Lenson/Tales of the Modern Navy Series

“One of the outstanding bodies of nautical fiction during the last half-century.” – Booklist

“Poyer knows what he is writing about when it comes to anything on, above or below the water.” – New York Times Book Review

Probably my most popular and well known novels are set at sea, in the Pentagon, and in other military locales. Welcome to Dan Lenson’s home page and to my homage to and memories of the sailors, officers, and families of today’s Navy and Marine Corps.

 Some fans have asked if the order of publication is the same as the flow of time within the books.  My answer is: usually, but not always!  I try to craft each book so it stands alone.  But if you prefer to read a series in order, I recommend proceeding as follows: The Circle, The Med, The Passage, Tomahawk, The Gulf, China Sea, Black Storm, The Command,  The Threat, Korea Strait, The Weapon, The Crisis, The Towers, The Cruiser, Tipping Point, Onslaught, Hunter KillerDeep War, Overthrow, and Violent Peace.  (Next up will be Arctic Sea, December 2021.) 

The Med, The Gulf, the Circle, and The Passage have just been reissued in new trade paper. To order personally inscribed hardcovers, see “First Editions”. All are still in print from Macmillan/St Martin’s Press, New York, and available in ebook and audio form as well. Order them through any bookstore or online retailer.