Autographed First Editions

If you’re here, you must be a book lover – like me. Some of the most cherished objects I own are volumes signed by men and women I admire, many of them now gone.

I have a few copies of the backlist hardcovers in the attic (literally) and from time to time pull a few out, when bibliophiles and hardcore fans want them, or someone needs a one-of-a-kind special gift for Dad or a valued friend.  N.B.: These are intact first editions, not razored volumes with my signature tipped in.

Now, I don’t have everything.  There are no more first edition (hardcover) PHILOs, and no WHITE CONTINENTs, DEAD OF WINTERs, STAR SEEDS or COMMANDS –  sorry; wish I had them but I don’t.  However, they are now available in updated trade paper reprints, which you can order from any bookseller or online seller.  I’ve lucked into a few more copies of STEPFATHER BANK, THE SHILOH PROJECT, and THE ONLY THING TO FEAR, though they won’t last long.  They too are available as new trade paperbacks.  I have a few first edition HATTERAS BLUEs left and only two copies of LOUISIANA BLUE. THE CIRCLE, first installment in Dan Lenson’s career, is getting scarce, as is FIRE ON THE WATERS, recent as that was – only a few copies left of those.

Don’t wait forever to secure what you want! It’s hard to set prices but here goes, based, more than anything else, on what’s left in the attic:

THE CIRCLE – hardcover, first edition, autographed on title page – $49.00
THE SHILOH PROJECT – mass market paper first edition, autographed – ONLY TWO AVAILABLE – $39.00
THE GULF – hardcover, first edition, autographed on title page – $30.00
THE ONLY THING TO FEAR – hardcover, first edition, autographed – $40.00
WINTER IN THE HEART – HC, 1st, autographed – $25.00
THE MED – HC, 1st, autographed, ONE LEFT – $135.00
STEPFATHER BANK – HC, 1st, auto’d – TWO LEFT – $135.00
HATTERAS BLUE – HC, 1st, auto’d – 2 LEFT – $89.00
BAHAMAS BLUE – HC, 1st US, auto’d – $29.00
BAHAMAS BLUE – HC, UK first, auto’d – $25.00
AS THE WOLF LOVES WINTER – HC, 1st, auto’d – ONE LEFT – $89.00

LOUISIANA BLUE – HC, 1st, auto’d – Two copies left – $79.00
THE PASSAGE – HC, 1st, autographed – $29.00
TOMAHAWK – HC, 1st, autographed – $35.00
DOWN TO A SUNLESS SEA – HC, 1st, autographed – $32.00
CHINA SEA – HC, 1st, autographed – $25.00
THUNDER ON THE MOUNTAIN – HC, 1st, auto’d – $35.00
BLACK STORM – HC, 1st, auto’d – TWO LEFT – $59.00
FIRE ON THE WATERS – HC, 1st, auto’d – ONLY FOUR LEFT – $59.00
A COUNTRY OF OUR OWN – HC, 1st, auto’d – $35.00
THE COMMAND – HC, 1st, auto’d – ALL GONE, SORRY!
THAT ANVIL OF OUR SOULS – HC, 1st, auto’d – $29.00
THE RETURN OF PHILO T. MCGIFFIN – trade paper USNI edition, auto’d – $20.00
THE THREAT – HC, 1st, auto’d – $25.00
KOREA STRAIT – HC, 1st, auto’d – $25.00
THE WEAPON – HC, 1st, auto’d – $25.00
THE CRISIS – HC, 1’st, auto’d – $25.00

GHOSTING – HC, 1st, auto’d – $28.00
THE TOWERS – HC, 1st, auto’d – $26.00
THE WHITENESS OF THE WHALE – HC, 1st, auto’d – $35.00

THE CRUISER – HC, 1st, auto’d – $35.00

TIPPING POINT – HC, 1st, auto’d – $35.00

ONSLAUGHT – HC, 1st, auto’d – $35.00  

HUNTER KILLER – HC, 1st, auto’d – $35.00

DEEP WAR – HC, 1st, auto’d – $36.00

OVERTHROW – Hardcover, 1st Edition, autographed – $37.00

HEROES OF ANNAPOLIS, new trade paper, auto’d – $25.00

VIOLENT PEACE, 1st edition hardcover, autographed – $37.00

To order send a personal check or money order plus $7.00 US for shipping for one book and $3.00 for each additional book (same book prices for books to Canada, but shipping $8.00 US per book plus $4.00 each additional volume; overseas, shipping negotiable – drop me a line.  FPO/APO addresses, shipping same as US.) in US$ to:

David Poyer
General Delivery
Franktown VA 23354.  

Let me know if you want the books inscribed as a gift – to a son, daughter, parent, husband, friend, young person. Otherwise I’ll simply do a collector’s signature on the title page.

If you’re interested in bound galleys I have a few. Write and we’ll discuss it.

Thanks again for your interest in my work.  I’m still at the desk every day trying to do the perfect novel!

It ‘s only gradually dawned on me that I have a loyal following out there, what one man at a recent reading called a “Poyer Corps,” who look for my earlier books and even collect them.  In fact there are a few who tell me that after years of alert bookshop-cruising they own and have even read ALL my books.  Occasionally they write to me, and it’s great hearing what they liked and what they didn’t, or what ships, people, or situations they recognized from their own lives.

If this is so, they deserve some sort of recognition!  Since the earlier books are getting hard to find, and even some recent issues are scarce on the ground.  After all, I acknowledge my sources within each book.  Why not recognize my most fervent supporters, in some way?

Unfortunately I have not been keeping close track up to now ( too busy doing that book a year), but here to the best of my knowledge is where we stand.  Please write me, or email at and update me on your status.  If you don’t want your name on the Collector’s List, I’ll take it off right away.  Remember, we’re talking hardcovers here, unless (like WHITE CONTINENT and STAR SEED) the ORIGINAL edition was in paperback.  Foreign-language editions and bound galleys count as above and beyond the call of duty.

Honor system, please!

GOLD MEDAL — 100% of  all my books, all autographed

Susan Turner of Glen Burnie, VA – our most recently promoted Gold Medalist, with an impressing collection of ALL first editions, all autographed.

Romeo Aguenza of Vienna, VA​David Goldstein of Gresham, OR
Arlie Campbell of  Springfield, VA
Art Shaw of Lawrenceville, GA
David Parker of Suffolk, VA
Graydon Vandament of Coppell, TX
Tom Weidner of Chesapeake, VA, who sends this — 

“I now think I qualify for your GOLD MEDAL status. My loving wife was able to get me the last five books I needed to complete my collection this Christmas. I will be sending you a box so you can sign my new books. She was able to find “The Return of Philo T. McGiffin, White Continent, Star Seed, The Shiloh Project, and The Dead of Winter”. I now have all 31 of your books and looking forward to your next one. OBTW “Ghosting” was great I could not put in down. Really I read the book in one setting, never would have picked the (spoiler deleted) as the hero. It was one of your best works. I meet you in Norfolk at a book signing (Prince book store) and you signed 21 of my book that day, we had a good long talk. Looking forward to the next time I can meet you again.”  –Your fan,  Tom Weidner

Thanks for writing, Tom! There’s a note that warms a writer’s cockles!

SILVER MEDAL – 90% of all books, half of them autographed

Ed Livingston Jr. of Pinellas Park, FL
Jim Olson of Deep River, CT
Rich Harley of Saratoga, CA
Bob Marble of Port Charlotte, FL
Steve Biedermann of Madison, WI

and Robert Gooyer of San Mateo, CA – congrats on the promotion Steve!

BRONZE MEDAL – 80% of all books, some autographed.

Jim Halling of Atlanta, GA
William D. Hartley of Hong Kong, China
Eugene Maresca of Indianapolis, IN
Jim Hiney of Middleburg, VA
Tom Crouch of Blairstown, NJ
Stephan Dabrowski of Palo Alto, CA
Jake George of Melbourne, FL
R. Mark Wilson of Clancy, MT
Don Ellwood of Pendleton, IN
Michael Ham of Monterey, CA
David Meadows of Washington, DC
Todd Croak-Falen of Portland, OR
Dean Alderman of Boise, ID
Kurt Jensen of Nashua, NH
Aya Okuda of Wahiawa, HI – our newest member!

I owe you all so much – forty years of the best career in the world!

So: until I regret I promised this and take it off the site, I will autograph my older books no matter where you find or buy them: secondhand bookshop, library sale, old gift copy, etc.  Just send them to me with a postage-paid return box or padded envelope and I’ll give it a collector’s signature and put it back in the mail.  (No dealers please – this is for individual readers and collectors only.)

Happy collecting!

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